About Us

Dear Friends of the Family,

For over three decades The Family Place has welcomed an ever-increasing number of expectant parents and families with preschool children to its inner-city row house in Washington, D.C.  Our mission of empowering low-income families to foster the optimal development of their young children through educational and support services has remained constant through the years, while we have adapted our programs and services to the varying needs of a changing city. We are well-aware of the research that demonstrates the critical importance of a child’s first years. Our programs reflect this knowledge.We are convinced that both community support and partnership with parents are required to enable families, especially those struggling with poverty, to provide their children the safe, loving, language-and experience-rich environment that will allow them to develop to their fullest potential.Studies which follow families over many years have conclusively demonstrated the long-term benefits of preschool support and enrichment programs like The Family Place.

Spanish is the first language of many parents who attend The Family Place; our English language and literacy programs are critical components of our programs to promote families’ economic stability and educational advancement.

The Family Place is a home-away-from-home for many participants who are beset with stressful circumstances. At The Family Place they find support, services, and a community that enhances family well-being and enables participants to take their next steps with growing confidence.

The Family Place depends on an ever-widening circle of friends who give the energy, support, expert counsel, and money to keep our doors open. On behalf of all The Family Place family, I express heartfelt gratitude to a community that keeps on giving in the face of tremendous need. The lively curiosity and bright smiles of our children and their success as they progress in school and beyond give ample return on your investment.

Ann B. Barnet, M.D.

Founding Board and Mission Group Member