The Family Place offers parenting classes in conjunction with Children’s Hospital Community Health Center at Adam’s Morgan clinic. The parenting program was started in response to an identified need in the community. In a survey conducted among staff and patients in October 2000, persons interviewed identified parenting as one of the greatest needs of the community. Many parents cited lack of parenting skills as contributing to family problems.  The parenting class at TFP covers topics such as: Parenting styles; Preparing our children for success/ Cultural values; Identifying and changing behaviors; Child development/ Teaching responsibility; Acculturation/ Risk and protective factors for violent behaviors, to name a few.  The Parenting class at TFP meets every Wednesday from 10-11:30 AM for 11 weeks and runs constantly throughout the year.

To learn more about the parenting class and how to enroll in the program, please contact us at or call 202-265-0149.