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Digital Storytelling Project


Two teachers from The Family Place Public Charter School, Debora Amidani and Carlye Stevens, worked on a Digital Storytelling Project with our in-person beginner ESL (English as a Second Language) students during the 1st trimester of 2022.

The goal was to develop the students' language skills and digital literacy skills in an authentic way. Students were motivated to think of a personal narrative that they would like to share with others. Then, build a video by incorporating music, photos, videos, and a recording of their own narrative that they wrote and read.

Our students worked hard to produce and share their stories. Some are light-hearted and funny. Some are more serious and heavy. All of them are incredibly touching and inspiring. Watch some of these stories, learn from our students and get to know more of our School services. Enjoy!

"A Nomad Man"

By Leonel Guzmán

“When I lived in New Jersey, the man went to the moon. I went to Manhattan to see the people celebrate along 5th Avenue. I saw the people throw confetti. They were happy people.”

"My DC Community"

By María Luisa Gutiérrez

"I am from El Salvador (....). The Family Place is my school. I like to come, learn English and talk to the people. For me, Washington, DC is a fun and beautiful place to live"

"Learning a New Language to Change my Future"

By María Mejía

"I decided to study English in The Family Place where they help people like me and although it is difficult, I keep trying. Sometimes I can't get the class but I keep trying. We learn new words (...). I love my class."

"My Dream Job"

By Ana Pérez

"Estudié el CDA (Child Development Associate Program). Decidí estudiarlo como parte de mi vocación ya que me encanta compartir con niños. Desde pequeña mi sueño era ser maestra y creo que lo estoy cumpliendo."

"My History"

By Kellyn Alfaro

"My country is Guatemala (...). I came to the United States in 2017. (....) I got married in 2020. I have a son. He is two years old and he is a lot of fun. He likes to play soccer. His favorite food is rice with chicken and the garnachas"

"From Guatemala to the USA"

By Francisca Gómez

"When I came to the United States I knew little Spanish and English. I Studied Spanish at The Family Place and now I study English. I bought my house and I feel very happy. I am now a U.S. citizen."

"My Home, Washington, DC"

By Adan Lainez

"I am from El Salvador. I live in Washington, DC. I play soccer. I like to go the National Mall. I like the Waterfront and the Washington Monument.

I like to live at Washington, DC. "

"The Story of My Life"

By Ada Elizabeth López

"When I was 17 years old I was more independent. I liked to study a lot. I worked in the supermarket in the morning and studied in the afternoon. It was difficult, with obstacles, but I finished my studies. When I was 19 years old my life changed because my son was born."

"My Family"

By Susana Sandoval

"I have 3 children. I'm from mexico. I have lived in DC for 13 years. When I am with my family we watch movies and also listen to music together. One day I went to a festival with my family in New Jersey there was a lot of Mexican food and we danced a lot."

"My Favorites Places In Washington DC"

By Teresa Carbajal

"My favorite places in DC are the John F. Kennedy Center and Gala Theatre. At The Family Place I feel at ease with all the teachers because they are very kind with the students and I feel grateful to this organization."

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