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“The Family Place offered me an opportunity. Today, I have two CDA credentials, Infants & Toddlers and Preschoolers! I thank each and every one of the people who work and support The Family Place because that is where this dream began!”


Although her first language is Mam, an indigenous Guatemalan language, Francisca started as a student in the Foundations of (Spanish) Literacy program. It was challenging for her, but she persevered and succeeded with the support of her instructors. Francisca is now a member of the TFP staff and an active student participant in the ESL program. 


Since joining the ESL program, this couple has found success. Julio is now the kitchen manager and the principal maintenance worker at his job. Elica, who started at her job as an assistant teacher, has become a lead teacher and a mentor. 


“When I come to the school, all the people who work there are very friendly and cordial. I love how everyone at the school gives the same attention to everyone. I am very grateful for The Family Place.” —Julio 


She was a student of the Foundations of Literacy (FOL) program at The Family Place Public Charter School. She successfully completed her studies in a two-year journey and received the official certificates from the Secretary of Public Education of Mexico for the completion of elementary school 


“The Foundations of Literacy Program really helped me to improve my writing skills. I also learned valuable lessons for my personal life from my teachers and classmates.” 

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