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Leadership Team

Haley Wiggins.jpg

Haley Wiggins

Executive Director

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Yinzú Nairouz

Director of Family Services

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Luis Chávez

Director of Operations and Outreach 

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Patricia Oholeguy

Director of Early Learning

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Lizzi Lineal.jpg

Lizzi Lineal

Senior Case Manager/Student Support Specialist

Karla ID Pic.png

Karla Velasquez

Case Manager

Nelsi Feliz.png

Nelsi Felíz

Case Manager / Employment Specialist

Untitled design.png

Merice Mora​

Manager of Operations (daytime) and Finance Support

Luz Prieto.jpg

Luz Prieto

Food Services and Housekeeper

Francisca Gomez.png

Francisca Gómez​

Food Services and Housekeeper

Angelica Castro.jpg

Angélica Castro

Early Childhood Educator Daytime (Infant)

Yojairy Piezan Beard.JPEG

Yojairy Stutson

Early Childhood Educator Daytime (Preschool)


 Danis Bonilla

Early Childhood Educator Evening (Mixed Age)

Idis Argueta.jpg

Idis Argueta 


Ingrid Flores


Executive and Data Assistant

HIPPY Home Visiting Coordinator

Alyson Cronquist

HIPPY Home Visitor


Diana Jaimes

Case Manager

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