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Winter Newsletter 2023

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Thank you for being part of our Family!


Upcoming Events and Celebrations

In February we are joining Black History Month celebrations with activities for our students and participants including a visit to the African American History Museum on the 23rd. As educators, we strive to provide our students with tools to understand the history of our country to build just, dignified, and peaceful communities.

We are also celebrating Valentine's Day❤️ with arts and crafts activities where everyone can show love and support for each other and for their families.


Starting 2023 Strong!

- Birthday Wishes! -

It is always great to start out the year celebrating the life of our founder Dr. Ann Barnet on January 18th. She has touched so many lives with her generous and kind heart.

Dear Ann, thank you for dedicating your life to making a difference for underserved communities. Thank you for inspiring us all.

We love you! ❤️

- Citizenship Classes -

On January 17th we started our Citizenship Classes for ESL intermediate or advanced students who have been green card holders for more than 5 years and are ready to apply for Citizenship.

We are offering in-person and Zoom classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’re excited to support our students in this life-changing journey.

- School Choice Week! -

We celebrated National School Choice Week on Jan 25th. Students shared their stories about why they chose The Family Place and what they love the most about their classes and teachers.

One of our students said:

“I’m grateful for our teachers because they treat us with kindness and as equals, regardless of our age and backgrounds”.


2022 Holiday Season Celebrations

On December 9th, The Family Place was able to enjoy the Washington Revels holiday show at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium thanks to our partners from Tickets for Kids. On this same day, and in partnership with Dr. Campos, we hosted our Circulo De Mujeres in-person meeting to close out the year. 20 women attended and received gift cards, food bags, COVID tests, candies, and participated in raffles. Finally, on December 14th our ESL students got together to make Christmas crafts and have some fun before the last break of the year.


Halloween Celebrations and other Cultural Activities

At the end of October 2022, we celebrated Halloween 🎃 and gave away candies to the lovely children from The Family Place. We saw happy faces dressed up as puppies, bunnies, jelly bellies and more.

Also, on November 16th we visited the Mexican Cultural Institute in DC 🇲🇽 and participated in a guided tour of their beautiful building and the Altar of Día de Los Muertos, which is different every year.



We are deeply grateful and excited for our new partnership with One Warm Coat. This partnership allows us to support immigrant and low-income families from the DC area with coat donations. Thanks to them for helping us provide essentials for families in need!


EOY 2022 Campaign Was a Huge Success!

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for everyone who donated to our End of Year Campaign 2022. Thanks to your generous donations, we surpassed our $50k goal, raising $50,723.

Cindy and little Cindy were featured in our EOY campaign. If you didn’t get the chance to meet them, please click below and learn more about their inspiring story and how they have been able to bond and study together thanks to our 2generation-2agency approach.


Donate While Shopping!

Walmart Spark Good Round Up!

Walmart recently launched Walmart Spark Good Round Up where customers can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the change to their favorite charity. We would love for you to choose The Family Place Incorporated as your charity to receive these donations every time you shop on



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