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Adult Education for the DC Community!

The Family Place Public Charter School (TFPPCS) helps fill an important niche in the DC adult education community. We seek to improve the literacy and workplace skills of our adult immigrant students who range in age from 18-80 years old and may have limited or interrupted formal educations. Our programs include English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to develop life skills and workplace English, a Foundations of Literacy (FOL) program for participants to continue and complete their primary or secondary education in their native Spanish language, and a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential for those who wish to pursue a career in childcare.

At TFPPCS, students can choose the educational option that best suits the needs of themselves and their families. Classes include both in-person and virtual sessions. We offer three convenient schedules for our ESL and FOL classes and hold our CDA course every Friday. By accommodating our students as they balance work, life, and family priorities, TFPPCS helps them develop skills to become more employable, active, and contributing members of their DC community.

All TFPPCS programs are offered in conjunction with its sister agency, The Family Place. The two agencies work together to support both children and adults in a two-generation program model. This means that for students who are parents, the school provides adult education classes while The Family Place provides early education and parenting support. Research shows that having both parents and children engaged in this whole-family wraparound approach leads to families overcoming poverty and promotes family prosperity across generations.

The School recently joined the DC Students Succeed coalition which aims to ensure equitable access to public education for all students of the area, especially those designated as Black and Latinxs who have been the most disproportionally impacted by the challenges of the pandemic. We are excited to be part of this partnership of more than 40 organizations, schools, families, and DC residents in support of increasing the funding for schools and creating excellent opportunities for all students to help them and their families succeed.

If you also believe that adult education is a priority for our immigrant community to thrive, we invite you to make a DONATION to support our mission and to GET INVOLVED with the DC Students Succeed coalition here.

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