...to empower low-income families and to foster the optimal development of their young children through educational and support services.

The Family Place has helped promote stability and well-being for low income families in Washington DC by offering education, critical resources, and social support for more than 30 years. Most of our clients are mothers with young children under the age of five. All classes and services are offered at no cost to families.

The Family Place provides a welcoming, multi-cultural environment, with programs that help meet emergency needs; provide education and training; and offer access to information and other social services. We put the needs of our clients first by striving to develop programming that is both relevant and practical. Within the comforts of the Mount Pleasant row house we have owned since 1986, participants not only find access to important services, but also form mutually supportive friendships. And as we assist families in solving problems, we help them to build on their own strengths so that they can succeed independently.



Program Areas

The Family Place achieves its mission by offering services in three program areas. They allow us the ability to provide education and training, administer critical resources, as well as provide access to community support services to under-served families.

Family Literacy
The Family Literacy Program Area addresses the educational needs of parents...
Family Wellness
The Family Wellness program provides parents with tools and resources necessary...
Family Stability
The Family Stability program provides emotional support, assistance and material...


Catalogue for Philanthropy: 2013-14