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Summer Newsletter 2023☀️

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Summer adventures are here! Enjoy our latest newsletter!

Thank you for being part of our Family!


Summer program☀️

This summer, we have an exciting program planned to enjoy the energy of sunny days. We are offering a variety of recreational and educational activities for families to enjoy together. We will visit the zoo, museums, and we will have family movies, among other activities. We will also be providing workshops on photography, financial education, the use of technologies, and more.



TFP&TPPCS Graduation 2023 🎓

On June 21st, Adult students from The Family Place Public Charter School received certificates of advancement and participation in our ESL, FOL and CDA programs. Also, children graduated from The Family Place’s ECE and HIPPY Home Visiting programs. It was an honor to accompany all our students in their journeys.


Teacher Appreciation Week! 💙

From May 6th to May 10th, we celebrated our teachers. They play a vital role in making TFP & TFPPCS stronger and more nurturing environments for all. Every day they inspire and empower our students, guide them through challenges and pave the way for a brighter future. Their love, patience, and dedication have touched countless lives in the DC Latino community.


Policy Center Releases Report on Adult Public Charter Schools 📊

We are proud to be part of the recently released D.C. Policy Center report on adult public charter schools titled 'A Landscape of D.C.'s Adult Public Charter Schools: Who They Serve, How They Serve, and What They Achieve,' which was released on May 23rd. As an organization committed to education, we greatly value our involvement in this important effort alongside the adult PCS community.


Children’s and Mother’s Day Celebration! ❤️👩‍👦‍👦

On May 4th we had a wonderful day celebrating mothers and children at Carter Barron Park. There were activities, raffles, delicious food, face painting, kites, piñatas, and fun games for everyone to enjoy.

We are proud to offer a safe space where families can gather, share, and build community.


6th Annual Reagan Institute Summit

6th Annual Reagan Institute Summit

We were thrilled to attend the 6th Annual Reagan Institute Summit on Education on May 25th. We learned so much from the incredible minds at the Regan Institute, including First Lady Jill Biden who shared a powerful message about the importance of hard work and the desire to build better lives for our families.

Let's seize the opportunity to work together to create positive change in education and pave the way for a brighter future.



Donation Drive! 📦💚

A huge thank you to NAFSA, the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Member Interest Group and their co-chair Vaughn Thornton, for selecting us as beneficiaries of their donation drive at the 75th NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo (on May 30-June 2). Every donation makes a difference and contributes to our mission of improving the lives of low-income families in the DC area.

Remember you can make a difference too! You can donate through our Amazon Wishlist or, donation website or by dropping items at our offices.


Thank You for Your Ongoing Support!

Thank you to everyone who donated to Do More 24 this year! Your gift is priceless to the underserved, immigrant & low-income families from the DC area we serve.

Thanks for helping us create a brighter future for those in need. 🙏🌟💚


📣 Join the team! We are expanding our board

We are looking for new board members who believe in our mission to foster the optimal development of underserved immigrant and low-income families through education, support services, case management and social support. If you enjoy giving back to your community and are interested in lending your skills for the empowerment of low-income immigrant families by becoming a board member, we want to hear from you! Thank you for helping us spread the word!

For more info: 📧


See How the HIPPY Home Visiting Program Changes Lives!

We are thrilled to partner with HIPPY US to showcase the importance of the HIPPY Home Visiting Program. This program promotes direct parental involvement in early childhood education, empowering families for a brighter future.

Check out HIPPY's promotional video in which The Family Place was featured here.

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