What We Do

The mission of The Family Place is to empower low-income families and to foster the optimal development of their young children through educational and support services.  The Family Place achieves its mission by offering services in three program areas: Family Literacy, Family Wellness, and Family Stability.

The Family Place (TFP) seeks to help families learn, heal, and thrive. Our organization strives to build a welcoming, hospitable, caring, and supportive environment where families can feel at home.  Our three program areas allow us the ability to provide education and training, administer critical resources, as well as provide access to community support services to under-served families. We assist parents and their young children with education, wellness, and emergency services to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to build strong and prosperous families.

At TFP, we believe that each family is unique and individual attention is important. Nestled in a multi-cultural environment, our dedicated staff and volunteer team are devoted to providing quality services.  Upon receiving a warm welcome, TFP staff provides culturally sensitive needs-assessments to ensure that participants are enrolled in programs that will benefit their well-being. Our welcoming and nurturing environment allows families to grow and succeed as members of the larger community.

Our goal is to provide participants with an experience that enhances long-term stability by improving life skills, promoting health and wellness advocacy, and creating a network of community supporters to build stronger families.

Program Area – Family Literacy

The Family Literacy Program Area addresses the educational needs of parents and their young children.  The program includes both adult and child educational services to help prepare children for success in school while helping parents become their children’s first teachers and advocates.  We believe that education is a major tool for success and our programs are designed to help students reach their educational potential.  Our services include on-site, off-site, and in-home educational programs.

On-Site Programs


Home Visiting Program

Program Area – Family Wellness

The Family Wellness program provides parents with tools and resources necessary to help them create a positive and healthy home environment.  Beginning with a pre-natal class, Family Wellness follows mothers through their pregnancy, delivery, and the first years of their child’s life. Families are then linked to the program’s additional classes.  In partnership with the Children’s Hospital Community Health Center at Adam’s Morgan of Washington, DC, The Family Place offers four on-site classes:

Program Area – Family Stability

The Family Stability program provides emotional support, assistance and material resources when a family is most in need. The focus of the program is to empower women to be strong and confident individuals, while accompanying   the journey of becoming better advocates for themselves and their children. The uniqueness of this program area can be seen through the six empowered women who in the past year have successfully applied for the U Visa for victims of domestic violence. The Family Stability program provides several on-site services.

On-Site Services